AcadeMir Charter Schools, governed by the AcadeMir Charter Schools, Inc.
Board of Directors. AcadeMir Charter Schools, Inc. was founded by a diverse
group of Miami citizens in order to provide a school choice option for families and
students in Florida. Their vision was to provide an unparalleled academic school
experience. The Board is comprised of the members listed below. Each member
is a proud Florida based business owner and/or community member. The Board
is responsible for supervision of the operations of the school and to ensure the
school's mission is carried out.

The Board of Directors

The AcadeMir Charter Schools, Inc. Board of Directors is comprised of the

- Mr. Alexander Casas, Board Chair
- Dr. Tirso Alonso, Vice Chair
- Mrs. Joanna Noriega, Treasurer
- Sonia Alfaro
- Ruben Perez
-Michael Rodriguez