Dr. M. Kristina Ledo has over fifteen years in the educational arena.
Her varied career involves multiple areas and disciplines pertaining to
educating all children and adults. A nationally recognized presenter
and published research-practitioner, Dr. Ledo started her career in and
around the Miami-Dade area as a teacher of students with special
needs. After various positions of leadership at the school-site, Dr. Ledo
moved into positions of leadership and support at the Regional and
District levels. She has directed and managed multiple projects in
conjunction with not-for-profit organizations and universities around
the country. Currently, Dr. Ledo enjoys a collaborative relationship with
the Florida Department of Education Bureau of Exceptional Student
Education. Her strengths include leadership and support, program
development, research, legal compliance, policy creation, training and

Using her vast expertise, Dr. Ledo's renewed focus is to bring
AcadeMir Schools to the next step of excellence. Dr. Ledo is
committed to upholding the highest standards of academic excellence
focusing on the whole child while maintaining a safe environment
where ALL children can excel.
"Expect Excellence"
Dr. Ledo